I am an artist, graphic designer and mother of three young boys. I live in Geelong, Victoria with my husband and we love raising our kids in this gorgeous town.

I have a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and worked in the commercial industry for over ten years. I enjoyed graphic design but my true passion has always been art and home interiors. As I was very experienced in the digital world I decided to hone my skills to start creating digital art. It took many years to figure out what I actually wanted my art to look like - after a lot of experimenting and developing I created what I believe is a truly unique signature style. My style has mostly been influenced by my love of traditional oil paintings and I create every shape/curve/stroke in my art, one by one just like one would create an original painting. It is all created with 'hand motion' with the mouse and each artwork takes many days or weeks to complete. This is how I managed to create that loose and 'messy' look with my art that people often mistake for real paintings. You can read more about my process and the actual product here.

So what started out as a hobby has turned into a small business which I'm very proud of. It's so rewarding to have created something that has resonated with people and I feel so incredibly grateful that my 'work' does not feel like work at all.