The biggest difference between these two materials, is that canvas can be framed without glass, whereas fine art paper requires glass for framing.

Which one is right for you? It can be big decision! Some people prefer the glass frame look so it will ‘go’ with all their existing frames with glass in their home. Canvases though can provide a fresh new look to your home – it adds so much softness and depth as you aren’t staring at a reflection in the glass. The other plus is that we can frame and ship these to you so all you have to do is hang on your wall when it arrives. Super handy!

Here is the low down on both canvas and paper so you can choose the material that’s right for you.


  • can be framed without glass - so the artwork has a stunning presence on the wall
  • an advantage to no glass is no reflections
  • printed on the best quality canvas in the world (seriously)
  • canvases are coated in a special sealant to protect from UV and moisture (so you can actually wipe them if needed – game changer)
  • they look great in a photo
  • canvas frames are physically lighter than glass frames making it safer and easier to hang
  • canvas prints are available to order framed and ready to hang
  • unframed canvases will come rolled in a tube and will require stretching and framing by your local framer
  • All canvas prints come with an extra 5.5cm all the way around, allowing the artwork to be stretched when framing – the finished size after stretching will be as stated in your purchase 
  • framed canvas is pictured in photo shoot


  • must be framed with glass – so you will have to organise this with your local framer
  • ask your framer for non-reflective glass if possible
  • printed on 100% cotton rag card – a stunning velvety paper with subtle texture
  • get some advice about the best hook to accommodate the weight of your artwork
  • you can ask your framer to frame your art flush (edge to edge art) or with a matt board depending on your preference

Both canvas and paper artworks look almost identical in colour, both are UV resistant, they just have a different texture and require a different type of frame so you can really choose whichever style you prefer.

I hope this helps you decide on the material that is right for you when shopping for your artwork. If you would like more information about framing you can check out this handy page.

Kimmy X