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Reno Concepts: Part Two.

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Rumpus (kids lounge).

Big and comfortable. Timber cabinetry, woven two-tone carpet and a vintage velvet modular sofa. Linen oval lampshade and large clay feature lamp. Linen look sheers with relaxed pleat on black curtain rod. Contrasting cushions. Chocolate, soft pink, natural tones and hints of blue. Texture on texture.

This room is for our three boys to hang/game/play/chill and it will also be an epic sleepover room! We are removing an old fireplace so we can add a full wall of cabinetry. Upholstered seat cushion will add extra seating on top.

Boys bedrooms.

Relaxed, retro, whimsy, boy-ish charm. Vintage light fittings and furniture pieces add quirk, fun and character. New wall-to-wall-to-ceiling wardrobe in a rustic timber look for warmth and softness - to be adorned with gorgeous wiggle handles for fun. Mixed pattern linen bedding in warm, rustic colours.
A kids room must be practical and personalised - not just beautiful. I want the boys to have space to play with lego and display it, to have room for their books and of course space for sleep overs too. I’ll display a mixture of artworks including their own. Nothing too precious in here - just young and fun.

Master Bedroom.

We have a huge master bedroom with raked ceilings so the challenge here will be to make it feel warm and welcoming. A huge round linen pendant will bring an instant cosy feel to the space. Wall and ceiling to be painted one nice warm colour. Woven bedhead, teak bedsides and pleated lamps will add different rustic textures and colours to the space. At the far end of the room we will have a lounge area with vintage rug. Bringing in the imperfect furnishing and decor will add instant character and charm and get rid of any ‘new build’ feel.


Rustic, Moroccan tiles layed in a stripe arrangement. Latte and off-white colours for a lovely subtle pattern that’s not too loud. Brass tapware, dark timber cabinetry, quirky cabinet handles, beige engineered stone, travertine floor tiles. Matching pair of big beautifully shaped brass mirrors for wall.

Walk in Robe.

The big decision in here was whether to put doors on our wardrobe or not. In the end... we opted with doors as we love that minimal vibe that will look clean and tidy. It’s a big jump up in expense so we hope we have made the right choice! There will be a stone bench in here with rattan sconce to add warmth. Antique-style brass hardware will keep the overall look classic and beautiful.


All the paint colours, cabinetry and hard surfaces have been selected so there is no going back now. All the home decor and styling pieces don't need to be decided on until after we move in - but we are loving this look and feel so far.

Wish us luck for the next bit - watching it all happen before our eyes while we look on hoping we have made all the right choices!

x Kimmy