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Size guide: Lounge.

Lounges come in all shapes and sizes - it's a place you can really experiment with your art size combination and play with scale.

There are a lot of factors to consider - ceiling height, couch height, location of windows and of course the overall length of couch. Here are a few combinations that are popular, but of course the options are endless.

I am also here to help - please take advantage of my free consultation service if I can assist with anything at all. I can mock up different artworks/sizes in your home so you can compare your options.

Contact me to get started.

I hope this gives you some inspo!

Kimmy X

Small size lounge.

(shown on lounge approx 215cm)


900x1400mm, horizontal

1150x1400mm, horizontal

Medium size lounge.

(shown on lounge approx 245cm)

700x850mm vertical, x2

900x1800mm, horizontal

1100x1700mm, horizontal

Large size lounge.

(shown on lounge approx 360cm)

900x900mm & 900x1100mm vertical

900x1100mm, vertical x 2

1100x2200mm, horizontal
(most popular size for above a couch)

1400x2200mm, horizontal

A few living room pics to show you scale of artworks.

Size: 1100x1700mm, horizontal

Artwork shown: Isla I

Size: 1100x1700mm, horizontal

Artwork shown: Flowerbed V

Size: 900x1400mm horizontal, hung off-centre

Artwork shown: Isla I