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Creative Process.

Digital art is a tricky thing to explain. It usually conjures up thoughts of 'automated' programs or filters but my art is the complete opposite. 

My artwork always starts with my hands. I fill my journals and studio walls with big loose flowers and organic forms on paper.

Pencil, ink and paint are mediums all engaged to find my desired shapes and compositions.

My unique set of digital skills enable me to transfer these works to the screen while retaining all the wobbles and imperfect goodness of the original sketch.

My paintings and hand-made textures are intricately woven into each design – blending my original and digital works in a way that blurs the lines between analogue and digital.

“With digital illustration, it’s the imperfection that shows that human touch – you can see that I’ve been there – it gives the artwork soul.”

Artworks are often worked on simultaneously so they can all evolve together as a body of work – bound together by shapes, texture, technique and stunning colour combinations. Artworks are released in limited edition runs, and expertly printed onto archival canvas or paper that will last a lifetime.

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Limited edition artworks are given a unique edition number, and are accompanied by a hand written certificate of authenticity.

My professional experience as a graphic designer has equipped me with the digital skills and ability to create flawless printed work at virtually any size.

Whether it be small, considered works or large statement pieces, my artwork range has the quality and flexibility to meet the needs of many beautiful spaces.

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Customisation of artwork is available for those who want to tweak a size or colour.

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Every collection tells the next part of my story as an artist, as I venture further with experimentation and new ideas. My offering has now expanded beyond digital artworks to original reproductions and ceramics.