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Shoot a collection with me.

Photoshoots are all about the vibe – it’s as important as the art itself with the release of any new collection. To launch a new collection is not just about showing my art - it’s about evoking those beautiful feelings and visions I had whilst creating it. Honey Flower was created for the flower lovers and the romantics, and I wanted some dreamy soft scenes for this collection... whereas Vessels was my most experimental collection to date and I wanted something zesty and fun. The photoshoot had to 'feel' like this, and I want to allow my audience to sink into those interiors and experience the vibe of the whole collection.

And it’s seriously the most fun part of my job – the creation of art and the interiors I’m imagining them in – it’s an insanely beautiful process I just can’t get enough of. Let me take you behind the scenes and show you how we plan a shoot and make magic.

Moodboards. Planning. Dreaming. Scheming.

This is the fun part. First we start gathering some images of interiors that evoke the feeling and vibe we’re after. I source a lot of my inspiration images from Pinterest and Instagram. I then hunt for those brands that have that vibe – some brands I’ve loved for years or some I discover along the way. We marry each new artwork with a scene – we ask if it belongs in a bedroom or living room etc then go about sourcing the perfect furniture and décor items to make it all freaking beautiful.

Can I just say… I wouldn’t have the shoots I do without the amazing support of these beautiful brands who loan items – and I must admit I can’t help but buy a few along the way too! It’s a collaborative effort that is immortalised in these amazing shoot images.

Then there are the items and objects you need to source that require sheer luck in some cases – like finding that jaw-dropping vintage piece, or a tumbleweed on the side of the road, or some shutters on Facebook Marketplace that we can paint and use as props or getting some beautiful home grown oranges with leaves still attached off Dommy’s mum's tree. It’s truly an effort and you need a team of people with a good eye who understand the shoot who can be scouting for special pieces like these in the weeks leading up to the shoot.

Honey Flower Moodboard.

Vessels Moodboard.

Shoot Day.

It’s crazy, exhilarating and harrrrd work to make it all happen. But GOSH it is incredible to watch our vision come to life and sooo much fun. It involves two vans and about three of the girls’ cars all packed to the brim with glorious furniture, props and artwork.

Above all else – the most essential thing of the day is my team. My girls help style and edit the scenes (their taste is impeccable and I value their opinion so much), they unpack and repack vans and cars, they hold up lamp shades to ‘get the shot’ and are happy to do a mad dash for a last minute florist or nursery run on the day. It’s and EPIC effort. And there are a LOT of laughs and good fun too.

Part of this collaborative team effort is Cricket Saleh – my insanely talented photographer who just gets my vision/vibe/brand and also creates magical lighting. It’s all about the lighting!!!! I’m really big on natural light and letting light and shadows touch every surface – she nails this… Every. Single. Time. 

Collection Launch.

The fruits of our labour – I get to release the shoot images to the world. And then I wait… and I hope you love them and get the vibe. Your response…. always insanely beautiful. It is seriously the most amazing feeling to know you love it and get it – and to see the art then trickle through into my amazing retailers and of course into your homes. And when you post images of my new pieces sitting in your spaces... in their forever homes... it gives me a sparkly feeling in my tummy I just can’t describe. I’m truly grateful I get to create art and make magic as a ‘day job’ and it’s all because of my beautiful followers who choose my art to bring into their homes.

Photography: Cricket Saleh

A special mention to these beautiful brands - whose product appear in our moodboards and who loaned/sold products for the shoot.

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