hi, i'm kimmy

I’m a flower-obsessed digital illustrator and love a palette that will give me a big warm hug.

My happy place is filling up journals with big loose flower shapes and the discoveries that happen during this process. I then redraw these digitally – with ‘hand motion’ - so the drawings inherit my natural wobbly, wavering lines and retains all the goodness of the original sketch.

With digital illustration it’s the imperfection that shows that human touch – you can see that I’ve been there – it gives the artwork soul.

Every collection tells the next part of my story as an artist, as I venture further with experimentation and ‘letting go’ of perfection.

Previous life:

I wasn’t always a digital fine artist – I was a professional graphic designer for over ten years but I always had my head in the clouds… dreaming of art and home interiors. I had years of digital skills under my belt so digital illustration was my gateway into the art world.

It took many years to figure out what I actually wanted my art to look like. After a lot of experimenting I managed to capture the essence of my natural hand drawing style – on screen. It was fresh, unique and truly me. (Read the long story about how I started my business on my journal.)

Personal life:

So… the girl who loves flowers and all things pink ended up having three boys! And I absolutely adore them. Walter, Arthur and Teddy - they are rough, loud, hilarious but also tender and utterly divine. My husband is my rock and my soul mate. We are Queenslanders living in Geelong, Victoria and just love it here. Though I could take or leave the winter.

Thank you for stopping by – I’m really glad you have discovered my art and I hope it can bring you a lot joy – as it has me.

 x Kimmy


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