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Baby Doll.

baby doll is my first collection of prints from original paintings. while i'm known for my digital work, i have been exploring with paint more and more. these paintings were pure joy to create, and before i thought of a collection name i was affectionately calling all the little ones the 'dollies'. It was these first little exploratory paintings that inspired the large painting, thus the collection being born. baby doll perfectly personified the feel of the series being  playful, fun and beautiful.

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baby doll Ibaby doll I
baby doll I Sale priceFrom $460.00
baby doll IIbaby doll II
baby doll II Sale priceFrom $120.00
baby doll IIIbaby doll III
baby doll III Sale priceFrom $120.00
baby doll IVbaby doll IV
baby doll IV Sale priceFrom $120.00
baby doll Vbaby doll V
baby doll V Sale priceFrom $120.00
baby doll VIbaby doll VI
baby doll VI Sale priceFrom $120.00
baby doll VIIbaby doll VII
baby doll VII Sale priceFrom $120.00
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gift voucher Sale priceFrom $50.00