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the art - video version

creation, printing, framing


Digital art is a tricky thing to explain. It usually conjures up thoughts of 'automated' programs or filters but my art is the complete opposite. 

I start with lots of fluid loose sketches on paper of flowers and all the botanical shapes I love. When ready I then redraw this on the computer (with hand motion!) and let the lines be as loose and flowy as the original drawing. I don’t go back and ‘neaten up’ lines – my artwork looks hand drawn because in essence it is -  and retains all the goodness of the original sketches.

After the elements in my artworks are individually drawn I then flood them in all my favourite colours and tones. I will then rework/recolour/obsess over the artwork files for many weeks until she is ready for her debut test print (always lots of excitement in the studio when this happens!) I then might make a few little tweaks to the file but then she is good to go.



kimmy hogan fine art printing


Once a collection is released, my art is then only printed to order, one at a time. My artwork is printed in Geelong at my local fine art printer (who is a damn print-genius I might add). He doesn’t always wear shoes but by-gosh the man can print. Think flawless, vibrant colour with a matte finish – and they are so much better in real life. We print on the best fine art paper and canvas – in the world – seriously. The paper is thick and has a beautiful velvety texture, the canvas is glorious and both will last a lifetime without fading. Canvases get extra special treatment above the industry standard with a special sealant that protects from UV and moisture. This is a huge deal, especially for art that isn’t behind glass because it means if 'life' happens and it gets marked or dirty, you can just wipe it clean with a baby wipe. Seriously so good – this really is a game changer in the world of art.

Learn more about the difference between canvas and fine art paper here.


kimmy hogan artwork framing


Canvas artworks are available framed as they do not require glass – so we can expertly take care of the framing side for you and ship your artwork ready to hang – hooray! My trusty local framer is a LEGEND – not just because he makes the best quality *stunning* oak frames – but he also delivers all the frames to my studio ready for wrapping (seriously – he is just a nice guy!)

The frames are made of a premium Tasmanian oak that are raw, natural and simply beautiful. Every framed artwork is overseen by me and my a-team to ensure your artwork will be total perfection. We wrap/box/ship your orders with the utmost care. And GOSH we love when he drops off a big stash of frames so we can wander through them ooo-ing and ah-ing before we send them out to their forever homes. Learn more about my framing here