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Kimmy's Signature Style.

A collection of Kimmy's most popular artworks in her signature creamy, dreamy style. These botanical works have a warmth and vibrance to them that will bring any space to life.

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flowerbed Vflowerbed V
flowerbed V Sale priceFrom $540.00
paper daisies IKimmy Hogan Paper Daisies I
paper daisies I Sale priceFrom $540.00
dreamerKimmy Hogan Dreamer XL
dreamer Sale priceFrom $540.00
Kimmy Hogan Paper Daisies Vpaper daisies V
paper daisies V Sale priceFrom $310.00
Flowerbed I XLKimmy Hogan Flowerbed I
flowerbed I Sale priceFrom $310.00
dawnKimmy Hogan Dawn
dawn Sale priceFrom $490.00
Flowerbed I Square XLKimmy Hogan Flowerbed I Square XL
flowerbed I square Sale priceFrom $490.00
dreamer IIdreamer II
dreamer II Sale priceFrom $310.00
Kimmy Hogan Flowerbed IVKimmy Hogan Flowerbed IV
flowerbed IV Sale priceFrom $310.00
paper daisies VIpaper daisies VI
paper daisies VI Sale priceFrom $540.00
Flowerbed IV Square XLKimmy Hogan Flowerbed IV Square
flowerbed IV square Sale priceFrom $150.00
Kimmy Hogan Honey Flower IKimmy Hogan Honey Flower I
honey flower I Sale priceFrom $540.00
petal Ipetal I
petal I Sale priceFrom $540.00
petal IIpetal II
petal II Sale priceFrom $310.00
Kimmy Hogan DuskKimmy Hogan Dusk
dusk Sale priceFrom $150.00