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the art

creation, printing, framing


kimmy hogan artist

Digital art is a tricky thing to explain. It usually conjures up thoughts of 'automated' programs or filters but my art is the complete opposite. 

My artwork always starts with my hands. I fill my journals and studio walls with big loose flowers and organic forms on paper. Pencil, ink and paint are mediums all engaged to find my desired shapes and compositions.

My unique set of digital skills enable me to transfer these works to the screen while retaining all the wobbles and imperfect goodness of the original sketch. My paintings and hand-made textures are intricately woven into each design – blending my original and digital works in a way that blurs the lines between analogue and digital.

“With digital illustration it’s the imperfection that shows that human touch – you can see that I’ve been there – it gives the artwork soul.”



kimmy hogan fine art printing

Once a collection is released, my art is then only printed to order, one at a time.

My artwork is printed in Melbourne, Australia by experts in the fine art print world. Their experience, quality materials and attention to detail are of the highest standard.

Art prints are always flawless, with vibrant colour with a matte finish – and they are so much better in real life. We print on the best fine art paper and canvas. The paper has a perfect velvety texture, the canvas is thick and glorious – and both will last a lifetime without fading.

Canvases get extra special treatment above the industry standard with a special sealant that protects from UV and moisture. This is a huge deal, especially for art that isn’t behind glass because it means if 'life' happens and it gets marked or dirty, you can just wipe it clean with a baby wipe. This really is a game changer in the world of art.

Learn more about the difference between canvas and fine art paper here.


kimmy hogan artwork framing

Canvas artworks are available framed as they do not require glass – so we can expertly take care of the framing side for you so your artwork will arrive ready to hang.

My expert framer is located in Melbourne, Australia and makes the most beautiful quality oak frames. They use a stunning quality timber that is raw, natural and simply beautiful. They frame exactly how you see on my website with the perfect gap between canvas and timber for a gallery style finish.

Every framed artwork is treated with the utmost love and care, and is wrapped, boxed and dispatched straight away. You can rest assured knowing your artwork is fully insured and will arrive quickly and safely for you to enjoy on your wall.